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Basic Components of an Argumentative Research Paper Structure

Writing an argument research paper includes having a well defined main idea that includes experimenting with two sides of a problem or issue. Your paper should work to explain your argument with clear details while presenting your views on why the argument is important. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your paper and defining evidence to support your argument. Here are areas to pay close attention to when building your paper’s structure.

  • Solid Body Paragraph Structure
    When developing content for your argument paper, consider paragraph structure. Depending on guidelines for the project you will structure your content based on how you want to present your argument. It means reviewing parts required for the assignment and understanding the purpose for each section. As you develop paragraphs for each section consider how it should be developed. Keep them short but make sure they have a supporting point related to the main idea or problem detailed in the introduction.
  • Strong Thesis Statement and Supporting Points
    In order to understand the significance of a strong thesis statement or hypothesis, it helps to view argumentative research paper thesis statement examples. Such examples give clear insight on how your main idea should look and why it is important for it to be strong. A weak statement will make writing more difficult and data mentioned throughout the project will not have a clear connection to the main idea. Your supporting points will be easy to define when you have a strong thesis statement. The supporting points will be discussion points throughout your content. They will be supported by data collected during research and help support your argument.
  • Other Details to Consider
    If you want to learn more about how to write a great research paper consider reading samples. A well-written sample brings all the components together. You can get insight from your instructor on what they feel is essential for your project. Study a sample you really like and take notes on what makes it a quality paper. Use it as a guide to help you plan your content section by section. Consider elements that make the argument clear and supported. Review details and how they are presented logically. Keep in mind the argument you select also plays a role in developing your content; an easy topic will be easy to present.

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