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How Can You Write a Research Paper in First Person Easily?

While you were in high school, there is no doubt that you were warned against using first person in academic writing. Therefore, all you may do is wonder; can a research paper be in first person? The point is, this is not wrong but there is something you need to know. As you advance with your studies, you realize that some rules are meant not to be adhered to but of course for an appropriate reason. This should ring a bell in your mind that you can use things such as “I”, “we” and “us”. You have to check out the following guideline.

  • Including own anecdote
    You have heard it from your instructors that every research paper should have a hook that connects the reader’s mind with your paper. This normally appears in the first section of the paper, that is, an introduction. Who knows what you may pick as your hook? Most of the creative writers normally use anecdotes as their mind-grabbers and as an upshot, there papers become very catchy. You can describe a short story about you or your friends. You should however avoid mixing yourself up because this make cause confusion and as a result, your readers will have no choice but to deduct some marks.
  • To establish credibility
    In your writing, you have to make sure that the reader earns trust from the content you are giving. If there is no credibility in any case, your work will not be trusted. If you want to convince your readers effortlessly, you can employ first person. Here, you explain yourself and why you think your work is trustworthy. Most scholars will for sure believe you. Therefore, drop your ego and start expressing yourself in a proper way. Any work that does not come from a credible source is normally considered impertinent.
  • When crafting in passive form
    It is evident that some writers confuse themselves when they try to write passive sentences. This should not be you. The truth is that, if you avoid employing the first person, you will never do it right. Do you want to become a professional and experienced writer? Simply stop constructing wrong sentences in passive form and you will eventually achieve your target. Always personalize whatever you are describing and it will appear interesting. In case you need aid in this, you can simply approach writing service and for sure, you will get all the assistance.
  • Describing your opinion
    In your research paper, you will get sources that give certain ideas which you might not want to agree with. You can put this into writing by simply using the first person. You can tell what others are saying and contrast it with what you think is right. However, make sure you give credible reasons.

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